IP Services

IP Services

IP Services

SIPS relies on associating itself to a renowned patent firm namely BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT which has worldwide offices and/or associate offices.

SIPS offers the following services to its customers:

I. Patent & TM related services:

    • Patent drafting in the field of science and Pharmaceutical.
    • Worldwide Patent filling, registration and renewal through Boehmert & Boehmert.
    • Patent strategy-development suited to a company’s profile, business & patent subject matter.
    • Worldwide Patent watch.
    • Worldwide Patent search & freedom to act opinion.
    • Research planning for patentable subject matter.


II. Industrial know–how and data protection:

    • Strategy development of know-how protection;
    • Know-how value evaluation & transfer licensing;
    • Know-how documentation system & proof of prior use system;
    • Data protection development strategy; and
    • Data protection’s empowerment per establishment.

III. Intellectual Property Manual Development:

    • Analysis & consultation;
    • Management & implementation; and
    • Coordinating IP manual with quality manual.

IV. Product SPC (patent supplementary protection certificate).
Product SPC (patent supplementary protection certificate).

V. Provide services related to Merger, acquisition, partnering & Evaluation of companies.


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