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Globalization Challenges to Arab Pharma
Globalization challenges to Arab pharma
 (11th & 12th November 2006 – Aleppo/ Syria)
Seminar themes: 
• Kinds and Commercial Importance of Intellectual Property Rights 
• Pharmaceutical IPR Policies: 
- Patents in Pharmaceutical Industry. 
- Pharmaceutical IPR in the region. 
- Supplementary Protection Certificates and Data Protection. 
- Legal and Commercial Aspects of Services Required by Local Pharma. 
• License agreements Legal and Commercial Terms: How to Avoid Traps. 
• Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights:  How to put a Price Tag on Patents. 
Dr. Heinz Goddar
Dr. Andreas Winkler 
Dr. Mohammed Saleem. 
This seminar is intended to introduce intellectual property rights to the attending audience at two levels. Firstly to illustrate the accumulative nature of such rights across international borders. Secondly to explain rather general yet specific terms the holders of rights or in other words the limitations to others in the market as consequence to such rights.
The seminar will start by stating and explaining the different types of rights in general but more specific to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The effect of such rights both locally and regionally will be explained. This will be followed by presentations focusing on tactics used by multinationals against local companies not necessary in Syria but rather in what is normally considered Syrian normal and usual markets. This will lead the speaker to demonstrate ways to over come such tactics.
The seminar will continue to handle the most powerful right in intellectual property namely "patent". It will then follow to explain challenges and opportunities offered by such right to local industry.